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Mentsch Makers Preschool was established in 1987 and is the home to the first Jewish preschool in Orange County.  Built on the desire to provide a solid Jewish and educational foundation for our children and extended families, Mentsch Makers has continued to imbue countless children with a love for learning equal to our teachers’ love for teaching.
Mentsch Makers Preschool is a reform nursery school, embracing Jewish values and traditions while welcoming Jewish and interfaith families.  Rated a “premier preschool” by our neighboring school districts, our dedicated teachers work together to create a safe and exciting educational experiences that foster the innate curiosity of all children.
Mentsch Makers low staff to student ratio ensures that our students emotional, social, and academic needs are met, guaranteeing kindergarten readiness.  Our head teachers are certified early childhood educators and our staff is CPR trained.
We offer morning preschool classes from 6 months to 5 years of age from 1-5 days per week.  Our
afternoon classes consist of a variety of enrichment classes which offers additional fun and learning.  Tiny Tots and Mentsch Makers in the Summertime offers 6 weeks of summertime fun.
Please contact Carol Berman, Mentsch Makers Director at for additional information.
Listed below are the classes currently offered:

IMA & ME – A teacher directed informal play group for  parent/caregiver and children.  A 1-day-a-week class for children from 6 months  until 2 years of age who would like to share a “mommy & me” experience. Together you and your child will share, explore, play and meet new friends while encouraging your little one to grow their independence. Diapers welcome. Meets on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 – 11:00 am. A wonderful way of socializing with other families and children of the same age. Join us for as many 5 week sessions as you desire!

ALL BY MYSELF – A 2 or 3 day-a-week class for children who will be 2 years old by December 1, 2015. An introductory nursery school experience geared to the younger child in a smaller group setting to help promote self-esteem and socialization for this 1st formal pre-school experience. Our emphasis is on speech and language, growth of  gross motor skills, exposure to Jewish holidays and lots of time for indoor /outdoor play. Diapers welcome! Meets on Tuesday and Thursday or Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm.  Tot cafe is available for this age group.

3 YEAR OLD CLASS – A choice of 3 options: 3 days per week – Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings; or our new 5-day option Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday mornings, or a 2-day a week option that meets on Wednesday & Friday mornings. This class is geared to children who will be 3 years old by December 1, 2015. Children will build upon the skills already mastered while learning new techniques for reading, writing and math readiness. We offer a material rich environment where children can enjoy activities through free play, art exploration, an interactive circle and story time using  visual and tactile manipulatives. Our teachers use a variety of methods to encourage individual success!!  Tot cafe and afternoon enrichment classes are available for this age group.

4 YEAR OLDS PRE-K CLASS – 3 DAYS PER WEEK – Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings for children who will be 4 years old by December 1, 2015. Our program is designed to incorporate all previously learned pre-school skills. This will enable your child to be ready both socially and academically for kindergarten. Our comprehensive curriculum includes letter, sound and sight word recognition, blends, classic books, mastering fine motor skills using a tactile approach to prepare for early handwriting and math skills. Our classes offer an extensive science based curriculum, a challenging and engaging curriculum including art and social studies, daily opportunity to work one -on-one with teachers for optimal learning, computer time, class trips and indoor/outdoor playtime. Tot cafe and afternoon enrichment classes are available for this age group.

4 YEAR OLDS PRE-K PLUS CLASS – 5 DAYS PER WEEK – Our MENTSCH MAKERS PLUS PROGRAM gives your child the opportunity to expand on and develop his/her Pre-K skills with the additional schooling of 2 mornings a week. Children need to be 4 years of age by December 1, 2015. This class meets on Monday through Friday mornings. We incorporate our 3 day  curriculum into our plus class but on our PLUS days (Tuesday & Thursday), the children will explore, in depth, a variety of new themes throughout the school year such as All About Me, Ocean & Pond Life, Dinosaurs, Weather, Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, Farm Animals, The 5 Senses and so much more…. Enrichment classes are offered in the afternoons on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays after preschool is over. A selection of these classes have included music, arts and crafts, cooking, tae-kwon-do, fitness fun, and science explorers.  Tot cafe and afternoon enrichment classes are available for this age group.

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At the conclusion of the school year, preschool youngsters have the opportunity to participate in a nurturing summer program within the familiar setting of the temple facility and playground. A summer at Tiny Tots or Mentsch Makers in the Summertime is fun-filled exciting and so much more! It is an opportunity to explore, grow, develop new skills and form lasting friendships in a safe and loving environment.

Our experienced camp counselors are a combination of our certified teachers along with high school students. Our summer camp staff is CPR and first Aid certified and are very in-tuned with every camper insuring an amazing summer. Enthusiasm and joy of the day is truly contagious and your child will come home with lasting memories.

Children spend quality time outdoors each day in our fully enclosed playground where there is plenty of water play to stay cool. Activities include sprinkler fun, arts and crafts, movement, cooking, sports and more. In addition we have special events such as our pizza party, our 4th of July celebration, relay races, obstacle courses and a make your own ice cream sundae party.

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We look forward to enjoying another summer with our returning and new campers!

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