The Monroe Temple of Liberal Judaism

Youth Programming

torah schoolBeth-El youth programs are fun and exciting!

Mentsch Makers Preschool
Torah School: Early Childhood Years – Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade
Torah School:Primary Years – Grades 3 – 7
Torah School Academy
Torah School:Academy Plus!
BETY Youth Group (NFTY)

Our youth progerams reflect the creativity of our Jewish heritage and traditions, weaving new colors and
threads into the tapestry of Jewish living.
Our Synagogue offers programs for preschool through high school, from September to May.

Our Mentsch Makers Preschool is recognized for combining traditional Jewish education and values within a structured, preschool curriculum. During the school year, the preschool meets Monday through Friday, offering a variety of programs to meet the needs of young families. Children as young as nine months and up to age five may participate. For further enrichment, a variety of afternoon classes are offered for older children. The staff is composed of a director, certified teachers, assistant teachers and specialists. The school is overseen by a committee of parents, other temple members, and teachers. Enrollment is open to all members of the community.

Our Torah School program is enhanced by a Judaic Studies curriculum, including holiday preparations and celebrations, lessons on Israel and Torah, mitzvot, and schoolwide events. The sounds of children’s voices fill the classrooms and hallways when the cantor leads the children in song.

During Family Programs, offered throughout the year, children and their parents gather to discuss, to celebrate, and to create: making Shabbat totes filled with ritual items to welcome Shabbat at home; honoring our children’s Hebrew names; creating family seder plates; designing a Shema pillow; and holding class-wide Shabbat family dinners.

An important element of the curriculum, actual prayer experience, includes attending prayer services on Sundays, as well as during Shabbat and holidays. To become active and knowledgeable members of our prayer community, students are required to attend a specified number of services over the year. A Jump Ahead program offers a head start on requirements for the next year by attending services in June, July and August.

Shabbat Times